Budget Impacts

Tightening budgets, increased operating costs and pressure to increase the “bottom-line” are not uncommon in any industry. And, leaders in every industry and with every organization are faced with difficult decisions related to budgetary constraints. Often times, these leaders are forced to identify areas or departments within their organization that can absorb a reduction in the annual budget.

There are a variety of ways an organization can help to offset an impending budget crisis. Traditionally, in most industries, it is to develop additional revenue sources or to, simply, increase prices. But, this is not a viable option for those in the child care industry.

An increase in prices in any industry providing service, will, likely, send even your most loyal customers packing. They will, eventually, make the choice to seek a product similar in quality but, for much less money. This fact is no different in the child care industry.

So, if we cannot raise prices and we do not have other revenue sources other than tuition, what do we do to combat a budget crunch? And, too often, the leaders of our organizations reduce the number of teachers, freeze pay increases or, simply, pay very low non-livable wages from initial hire.

Child Care Workers React

Over the course of the last few years, we have seen this play out across the country in our industry. For example, in May of 2018, child care worker from multiple YMCA’s in Chicago went on strike. The strike was to protest low wages and staffing levels (http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2018/03/01/ymca-child-care-workers-strike/). And, this was only 5 years after the child care workers from YMCA’s in Chicago voted to unionize and spent over a year negotiating higher pay and better healthcare in 2014.

Value of Child Early Childhood Education

The child care industry will have the most impact on our society decades from now. Yet, our society seems to be placing very little emphasis, priority, or value on high quality child care. Afterall, quality child care and the development and preparation of our children may, arguably, be our most important responsibility. So, the quality of child care will only ever be as good as the child care providers. How can we expect to retain high quality, well-trained child care professionals if we are not willing to invest in them.

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