Child care conflicts of interest occur when large corporate childcare centers employ their own approved trainers. This ensures that all employees have access and are enrolled in the necessary child care training each year. On one hand, this seems a “no-brainer” as it provides the childcare center with the assurance that all employees receive the required training; it is an added benefit for employees as the training does not cost them anything other than time; it increases the presence of the company’s brand in the local daycare community.

There is another side to this practice. Naturally, the internal training offers benefits to both the childcare facility and the staff members. By default, this creates a conflict of interest. It is in the trainer’s best interest to make sure all participants successfully complete the course. It is in the best interest of the class participants to provide outstanding evaluations of the classes.

It is easy to see how this type of situation can quickly deteriorate. Whether it happens or not, it, certainly, leaves the door open for criticism and questioning. For example, is the trainer truly top notch? Does he/she have the experience, the training and the background to conduct high quality training? Did the participants truly earn a score that is worthy of being classified as successful? Did all participants attend or were they simply listed on the roster? Or worse, did the training ever take place?

Again, I am not intimating that this is occurring, has occurred or will occur. I am, simply, pointing out the possibilities when the system is set up in this manner.

Child Care State Regulations

Some states have acknowledged the need for a change. Theses states now have regulations and/or protocols prohibiting approved child care trainers from training their own staff or colleagues. The goal is not to place the jobs of these trainers at risk. Instead, it is to increase the quality of training being provided.

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